As globally active consulting firm with almost 50 years of history, we look back on a successful track record and a strong experience which determines and shapes our work today. TROBAG stands for excellency in tax and legal advisory, accounting, strategic consulting and fiduciary services, representing the interests of demanding and global clients. We have strengthened this culture over the years together with our clients.

TROBAG was founded in 1971 in Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland, servicing a national and increasingly international clientele as close and trusted advisors to entrepreneurs with a strong involvement in business and real estate.

Over the years, TROBAG has become the first point of referral for wealthy and influential families and entrepreneurs looking for an overall and sophisticated service, covering tax, legal, accounting and advisory matters literally all over the world. TROBAG has always remained independent to ensure that the interests of the clients are never put in jeopardy.

Today, TROBAG maintains its values elaborated over half a century, maintaining an efficient and highly professional structure, providing state of the art services for clients, across disciplines, across continents and across generations. Having started as a fiduciary and tax advisory firm, TROBAG has evolved over time to a boutique tax, legal, accounting, consulting, fiduciary and family office firm.


Our philosophy is simple and straightforward: we ensure the best approach and solution for all our clients by putting together the most appropriate strategy with the most appropriate internal and external partners.

This applies to investments, as well as to real estate, equity holdings, insurance, art and other assets. In the time-honoured tradition of independent advice, we operate exclusively on a fee basis and remain completely independent, for the benefit of our clients. Thanks to our total independence, conflict of interest does not exist, we are not in the business of selling products, therefore we can offer all our advice based solely in our clients’ best interests.

Teamwork is essential for our common success. Customised solutions require customised services – and this is why we have established a global network of experts, located both at Trobag and elsewhere. One of the advantages of being an independent member of XLNC (www.xlnc.org) is that we are able to draw on XLNC’s global connections – for benefit of our clients. XLNC consists of leading law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms, literally all over the world.

Trobag stands for bespoke and superb advisory services, based on integrity, competence, independence and our exceptional pool of experts cooperating with our team of professionals. There is nothing else a client needs.

Leadership Team

Karin Buschdorf

Managing Director

Claudio G. Cocca


Michael Reiss von Filski


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